We came across Tracey's website while looking for an addition to our family and companion kitty for our 1 year old Persian boy. We immediately fell in love with all of the super adorable kitties on her website and just HAD to visit in person. So we reached out to her and asked if she wouldn't mind if we drove down to see a few of the kittens. She was SO nice - and was more than happy to have us into her home and cattery .... when we first arrived, we were greeted by THE MOST adorable and friendly kitties (Tracey too :) ) they were seriously the most beautiful kitties you've ever seen and so affectionate ... I think I told her 50 times I was in kitty heaven and if I could take them all with me , I would .... I did NOT want to leave.. There are a few things that really stood out to us... she takes care of each and every single kitty like a mother takes care of her children.... The kitties ate only the best food, were all well groomed... and had a superbly tidy home.. she also answered ALL of our questions ... even the ridiculous ones... we asked her everything from "how do you think our 1 year old boy persian will do with our new kitty" to what she fed her kitties and why ... she answered everything I asked .. she went on to talk to us about the type of food she feeds her cats and why it is the best, etc... as it was, the kitty was too young to leave his mother, so we had to wait 6 weeks or so to take him home .... I would email her asking for an update photo if she had a moment to spare... and she would do me one better - and send me videos of him!! We were so excited to see him growing .. and she was so happy to send us updates... needless to say, we not only adopted the most ADORABLE kitty who is just "mr. personality" ...we really felt we met a truly wonderful lady who provided us with invaluable information about how we can better care for OUR kitties... So we took our new little buddy home... and about 2 months later, he developed a cold... we had him into the vet a few times that week.. and the poor little guy was just a mess by the time they were through with him... the vet was literally making his little cold so much worse.... I was so upset and frustrated, I emailed Tracey to explain everything our little boy had been through that week.... really just asking for any advice she could possibly provide... she was at a cat show but emailed me RIGHT away to say she definitely wanted to talk to me about it.... we ended up talking on the phone the next morning, and again, she answered all of my ridiculous questions ... and was SO helpful.. her advice was so spot on..... she seriously knew more about our little boy and how to help him than the 2 doctors we had seen that week.... she sent us a few things in the mail to help him and we were just beside ourselves ... you rarely meet someone like Tracey - she STILL wanted what was best for him even after we had adopted him into our home... we are forever grateful - and so is little Westen....

Kat - Los Angeles CA November 2013

I met Tracey Dalton quite by accident. My girl friend had invited me to go to the Del Mar Cat Show, February 2013. I wasn't sure I wanted to go as I had recently had to put my himalayan down, but I ended up going ('cause who can resist a cat show).

As we approached the entrance, we saw a smart car parked right outside the doorway with pictures of the most adorable cats. Well I flipped as I own a smart car and I had to meet the owner. We found out that a breeder by the name of Tracey Dalton owned it. We finally found her booth but she wasn't there but her cat "Dinky" was. Well I immediately fell in love with him. I had never seen an exotic shorthair before and he was just magnificent with a personality to match. Then Tracey came and I met her and asked for her card. At this point I really didn't think I was ready to think about a kitten, but after meeting Tracey & Dinky, I decided I might be. We exchanged emails and in May she told me a litter was just born. So I looked at the web cam and saw the kittens and fell in love with a black & white boy. During those 4 weeks, the web cam was up on my computer at work continually during the day so I was able to see the care that was taken with the cleanliness of the cages and see how the kittens were cared for and watch my kitten's progress. In fact, I watched the web cam after I had made my decision (and even to this day I will take a peek at what's going on w/ Tracey's kittens).

I drove down from Los Angeles about 4 weeks later to meet him and that was that. Arriving at Toxicate Cattery, I was incredibly struck by the cleanliness of her cattery and couldn't believe how odor-free it was as Tracey has many cats (both several litters of kittens as well as many teenagers & adults who were running around the house). I have never met such affectionate, happy cats. While I was waiting for Charlie to reach the age of graduating to his new forever mom, Tracey & I were in regular contact. She never failed to email me right away and to this day, she is quick to respond to my questions. I feel I have a new friend for life and can't ever imagine buying another kitten from another breeder. Tracey is just phenomenal as a breeder -- she has enormous integrity, knowledge and takes such care with her animals and is just a solid citizen in general. I'm so very lucky and grateful that "fate" introduced me to her.

Carol Thompson, October 2013

Hi Tracey!

Kirk and I could not be any happier with our two precious babies that we purchases from you. Tritium our odd eyed little girl is the sweetest little thing you could ever imagine. She has her moments like any female but she has to stand her ground with all the boys in the house . Our little star “Black Ops” could not fit his name any better. He is something else. He is into everything and is our crazy kitty. They both are so loving and we can tell from both of their personalities were very loved while in your care. They both have brought so much joy into our lives after losing two of our babies at the age of 16. They don’t replace them but they definitely make us smile once again.

I also want to thank you for all the mentoring you have helped me with on showing Black Ops and Match point (Nukem). Without all your advice and help it would not have been possible. I know I still have a lot to learn and I know you are always there willing to answer any questions as I go along. You have helped me so much in every aspect from the grooming to teaching me what is important to have in a show kitty. I have enjoyed all the shows that we have been to together and learned so much from each one of them. Thank you for all your time that you have given to me.

Stephani & Kirk (USA)

I have known Tracey Dalton and her husband for a number of years; I am their neighbor and friend. I doubt that a day goes by that I’m not in her house and it always amazes me how neat and clean her house and cattery is especially with all of the cats she has. Recently we had to put our cat down and my wife was very despondent. Tracey came up with the solution, Melvin. Melvin is a large bundle of fur who has a lions purr. I personally don’t care for the Exotic cats that Tracey raises but of all the cats I’ve been around her cats are the most gentle loving animals I’ve seen. I believe it is because of the caring way that Tracey treats her animals. Anyway Melvin lost no time in finding a way into my wife’s heart and although we call Melvin a share kitty he has become a loved member of our household.

If I had a complaint about Tracey and her felines it would be for grandson hogging. When our grandson comes to visit the first thing he wants to do is visit Tracey and her cats. This has been going on since he was six years old. When he first visited Tracey she set down the rules for his interaction with the cats and was amazed that he followed them to the letter. Since that time he has been welcome to visit them anytime he came down and does. I can guarantee that if the house and the cattery were not spotlessly clean I would not allow my grandson to visit there.

The other thing I have noticed about Tracey is the care she takes in making sure that any cat that leaves her care goes to a proper and loving home. I have also seen times when people have had to return cats because they could no longer not care for them properly and Tracey welcomes them back with loving arms. Melvin was such a cat. When his owner could not take care of Melvin he was welcomed back to the family and is now in the care of another cat lover, my wife.

Dave & Diane (USA)

Tracey (Toxicate) gave my wife and I our daily joy. Our boy Pancake is without hyperbole the perfect cat. Curious without getting into trouble, playful without aggression, affectionate but with self confidence to be on his own. It also doesn't hurt that he is the cutest thing we have ever seen. Tracey has been there every step of the way anytime we had any questions or concerns. She is communicative, kind and genuinely caring about the welfare of our cat and us as owners. We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt from Toxicate.

-Robert and Yin (USA)

Hi Tracey,

Thank you very much for sharing Toxicate Fantasmic of Ongcat "Yoko" with us. Although he was bought for the purpose of showing in our country, aside from being beautiful conformationwise, he has the sweetest temperament and is now a great part of our family. We are looking forward to start his show career and will forever be grateful to you for bringing this beautiful angel into our lives. :-)

Alan (Phillipines)

We are so lucky to have met Tracy and purchased a beautiful,healthy kitten from her. Sir Oliver is our first Exotic and I was full of questions regarding the breed. Tracy is always there for us with her generous advice. Please feel free to visit Sir Oliver Winston's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SirOliverWinston?ref=ts&fref=ts

Nedda (USA)

I met Tracey at the Phoenix cat show a few years ago. So glad fate brought us together. My family and I were instantly charmed by her stunning ambassador cat "Dinky". I knew I had to have an exotic!!! Tracey is so warm and welcoming. I love that I can see pictures on her website, YouTube videos, face book, and the kitty web cam!!! So much variety to really get to know the kitty you are interested in/or buying. I have a beautiful, sweetheart female short hair exotic from Tracey. She is gorgeous!!! With an amazing personality! She fit right in with my other feline friends, loves to love up my husband and children. (which makes me sooo jealous) :) I am forever grateful for my angel and will most definitely be getting another from my special breeder!!!

Fondly, Jessica (USA)

Hi Tracey,

It was a great pleasure to meet with you, your family and all if your wonderful cats and kittens. The animals are well taken care if and your cattery is so clean. My kitten Romy has had absolutely no health concerns. I have maintained the diet you prescribed with great success! Romy is a beautiful, healthy kitten with the cutest of personalities!

Kelly Tyler (USA)

October 2013...

Fast forward two years and my now 2 year old Exotic developed a UTI infection. I took her to the vet and was given antibiotics which seemed to be minimally working after three days. I emailed Tracey for some quick advice on how to manage the infection. I received a rapid email response from Tracey who happened to be out if state at that moment. The email requested I call her. Tracey answered immediately and answered all of my questions regarding the antibiotic and the diet I was feeding Romy. By the end of the discussion Tracey requested my mailing address and advised a care package would be on my doorstep by Wednesday. I have had Romy for two years and this is the one and only health issue I have had. She has been an amazing cat and is adored by my entire family! If you are looking to add an Exotic to your family, I would recommend you choose a kitten from Tracey!

Kelly Tyler (USA)

I am very satisfied with you profesional and friendship. Also with you kitten. They all wonderful. Most you kitten wondeeful. And i am very lucky got tick tok here, you solid white females adult. Very nice and love her eyes and ear set very much. You got a lot of good bloodlines cats. Very good. I dont know how to menfion it here. Also you got a good friend jeanne snyder and i am lucky know you both. Thanks.

Suaibul (Malaysia)

Tracey -

Thank you so much for our darling Sawyer. From the moment we met you and Dinky at the Pet Expo we knew our next baby would be one of yours. When we entered your home and received from warm greetings from your furr babies we knew we'd make the right decision. We appreciated so much your willingness to let us meet and pick out our kitten before if was time to take him home. That early interaction makes all the difference when deciding on a best fit for bringing home a new family member. We knew immediately when we saw him that he would be ours. Sawyer is now going on 7 months old and people are still amazed at his warm friendly nature. He greets everyone with pure warm kitten curiosity. Sawyer is our very first Exotic Shorthair (we've had strictly Persians in the past) and we know he certainly will not be our last. Looking forward to the time when we are able to adopt our next wonderful kitten from you.

Thank you again! Shellie & Robert (USA)

I have known Tracey Dalton for a number of years, I happen to be her neighbor, and know her to be an amazing cat lover. Her home, which she shares with her cats is always clean and well kept, as are her kitty's. All of her cats are well groomed, nourished and healthy. If one does come down with some ailment, she has them segregated and treated until they recover completely.

Unless they are coming into heat or have to be kept away from the rest of her cats, they all have the run of her house and are all very affectionate to visitors and/or possible buyers.

I have been to her house on many occasions and am very impressed with her entire house which is set up basically for just the cats. Tracey and her husband appear to be just a 'guest' in the cat's home. It always amazes me that no matter when I come over, and usually, I never call - I just come by, her home is always clean despite all the cats sharing the same space. I do know that Tracey has a professional cleaning crew come in two times a week which is a big help I am sure.

Tracey is very attached to all the cats and it amazes me that she knows all their names, her home is very cat friendly with little beds, shelves and many other cat amenities. I would never hesitate to purchase a cat or kitten from Tracey.

T.B. Ferlet
Retired California Peace Officer
Retired United States Navy


My sweet Elmer-judd is the nicest cat I have ever seen. Such a tender personality! I am over-joyed. Thank you! I think you raise exceptional cats. I cant imagine how a show quality cat could be..... Wish I could have afforded two! Again, thank you so much for raising such an amazing kitten!


October 2013

I adopted a kitten from Tracey's Toxicatecattery. He is the most amazing kitten ever. Very playful, wonderful personality. Beautiful. Tracey was fantastic. She has been walking step through step with me. Whenever I have a question about my kitten. She is easy to get ahold of. She has made my first time buying a cat so easy. I love Tracey. She's the best. If your thinking of buying a cat. Buy from Tracey toxicatecattery.

- Anna (California)

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