Past Time Favorites

GC RW Toxicate Ivanhoe

Brown Tabby-White Exotic Male

GC Toxicate Keegan

Red Mac Tabby Exotic Male 

GC NW Toxicate Tinker Toy

 Black-White Exotic Male

GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate

 Blue Spotted Tabby-White Exotic Male

GC Kissables Kiss N' Tell of Toxicate

 Brown Tabby-White Persian Male

Toxicate Double Stuff

 Black-White Exotic Female

GC NW Toxicate Mis-T Water Colored Memries

 Blue Patch Tabby-White Exotic Female

GC Candirand's Devilish Dreams, DM

 Dilute Calico Persian Female

GC RW Toxicate Tequila Sunrise

Brown Patch Spotted Tabby Exotic Female 

GC Toxicate Itsy Bitsy

 Blue Spotted Tabby-White Exotic Female

CH RW Toxicate I Only Have Eyes 4 U

Black Exotic Female 

GC Toxicate Holy Citrus

 Red Mac Tabby-White Exotic Female

GC Toxicate Lorna Doone

 Blue Mac Tabby-White Exotic Female

GC Toxicate Shrimp Boat

 Blue Patch Mac Tabby-White
Persian (ELH) Female

CH Toxicate Blu Bari, DM

 Blue Patch Tabby Exotic Female

CH Planet Love's Whirlwind of Toxicate

 Tortoiseshell Persian Female

Rarebreed Pikachu of Toxicate

 Brown Patch Mac Tabby Exotic Female

GC Purfurvid Tang of Toxicate

 Red Mac Tabby-White Persian (ELH) Female

Sugarspun No Doubt This Girls A Ten (of Toxicate)

 Dilute Calico Persian Female

GC RW Toxicate Not So Happy

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