Our Premiers

GP NW Toxicate Too Hot To Handle

Red Tabby Exotic

Hottie became CFA's 25th Best Cat in Premiership Nationally in the 2016-2017 show season.

GP RW Toxicate Punky Bluester

Blue Mac Tabby-White Exotic

Bluester was shown in the split-season CFA Kitten Class and the Premiership Class for 2016-2017. He ended 2016-17 as 6th Best Kitten & 11th Best Cat in Premiership.

GP Sunsoar's David Dinky Dinkleman

Black Exotic

Dinky was the first cat I Grand Premiered. You may have seen him with me at a CFA Show. He's an active CFA Iams Ambassador Cat and can normally be found in my benching area greeting the show visitors! He thoroughly enjoys representing CFA and Iams, introducing the public to Exotics and getting lots of attention from everyone! Dinky's also a YOU TUBE SENSATION!! Thank you to Shere Crossman of Sunsoar Exotics for entrusting Dinky to me when I first began showing.

GC GP NW Parti Wai Ex Travagant

Calico Exotic

My first year campaigning cats I ran 3 Premiers - Rave, Panda (below) & Knit Whit (below). Rave was the very first cat I began campaigning. She was shown in the 2009-2010 CFA Premiership Class and finished that season as CFA's 8th Best Premier and CFA Southwest Region's Best Premier!! I'd like to thank Penni Richter for entrusting her to us and all her advice along the way.

GP NW Calivan's Panda Bear of Toxicate

Black-White Exotic

I first showed Panda late in CFA's 2009-2010 Show Season and he became CFA Southwest Region's 24th Best Premier. I then showed him in the 2010-2011 Show Season and he finished that year as CFA's 9th Best Premier Nationally and CFA Southwest Region's Best Premier!! I want to thank Lee Hong and his partner Caroline Yu of Peking Cattery, and Kathleen Holohan of Calivan Cattery, for entrusting this amazing boy to me!!

GP RW Candirand Dream A'While of Toxicate

Blue-White Persian

In CFA's 2009-2010 Show Season I decided to also take on the task of campaigning a persian. Knit Whit became CFA Southwest Region's 11th Best Premier! Thank you very much to Christy Miller of Candirand Persians for entrusting me with this very pretty boy!
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