Our Top Winners

Below are our Persians and Exotics that have earned titles higher than Champion. These include cats from other fanciers I've shown, cats I've produced and shown myself, and cats I've produced that other fanciers have shown.

Distinguished Merits, Grand Champions & Grand Premiers

  • GC Candirand's Devilish Dreams of Toxicate, DM
  • GC Purfurvid Tang of Toxicate
  • GC Toxicate Shrimp Boat
  • GC Toxicate Total Eclipse
  • GC Toxicate Clark of Phoenix Cat
  • GC Toxicate Bella of Phoenix Cat
  • GC Toxicate Lorna Doone
  • GC Toxicate Tahini
  • GP Toxicate Black Ops
  • GC Toxicate Holy Citrus
  • GC Toxicate Masquerade
  • GC Toxicate Taylor
  • GC Toxicate Harry Carey
  • GC Toxicate Twinkle Toes (of Long Lasting)
  • GC Toxicate Twilite of Modern Cats
  • GC Peking Tessa of Toxicate, DM
  • GC Steadham Honey Bee of Toxicate
  • CH Toxicate Dream Star of Catneed, DM
  • GC Toxicate Keegan
  • GC Toxicate Itsy Bitsy
  • GP Toxicate Temptress
  • GC Toxicate AintTooShabby of Catillak
  • GC Toxicate Top Notch of Montpensier
  • GC Toxicate Fedora
  • GP Toxicate Sweet Pea
  • Stars R Us Sadie of Toxicate, DM
  • GC Toxicate Blu Bayou
  • GC Toxicate Miyavi
  • GC Toxicate Dream-A-Little-Dream-Of-Me
  • CH Toxicate Blu Bari, DM
  • GC Toxicate Fedora
  • GC Toxicate U R So Bucking Sweet
  • GC Two Witches Hat Trick of Toxicate

National Winners & Regional

  • GC GP NW Parti Wai Ex Travagant of Toxicate
  • GP RW Candirand Dream A'While of Toxicate
  • GC NW Steeplechase Kaboodle of Toxicate
  • GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun of Toxicate
  • GC RW Kimpawsible Pistol Pete of Toxicate
  • GP NW Calivan's Panda Bear of Toxicate
  • GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate
  • GC RW Purfurvid Pillow Talk of Toxicate
  • GC RW Purfurvid Playa of Toxicate
  • CH RW Toxicate Nat Win Cho
  • GC RW Toxicate Reely O'Reilly
  • GC RW Toxicate Holy $#!% of Purfurvid
  • GC RW Toxicate Odd Man Out
  • RW Dark Diamond Surprise of Toxicate
  • GC NW Toxicate Tinker Toy
  • GC RW Purfurvid La Volta of Toxicate
  • GC NW Toxicate Sundae Bonnet, DM
  • GC RW Bhakti Bunga Bunga of Toxicate
  • GC RW Toxicate Therapia
  • GC DW Toxicate Treasure of Modern Cats
  • GC NW Toxicate Bucking Awesome
  • GC RW Toxicate Tapestry
  • GC RW Toxicate Bumper
  • CH GP RW Toxicate I Only Have
    Eyes 4 U
  • GC RW Toxicate Ivanhoe
  • GP RW Toxicate Punky Bluester
  • GP NW Toxicate Too Hot To Handle
  • GC RW Toxicate Not So Happy
  • GC RW Toxicate Tequila Sunrise
  • GC RW Toxicate Way Too Hot To Handle
  • GC RW Toxicate Mis-T Water Color Memries
  • GC BWR NW Toxicate Fuzzy Navel
  • GC NW Toxicate Don Quixote
  • GC RW Toxicate La Pequena Camaron
  • GC RW Toxicate Plain N Simple

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